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Question: Can the decals be cleared over with clear spray paint
Yes as long as you put the first coat on thin and dry not heavy and wet
the clear paint will not eat up the decal but the thinner or reducer can soak its way under the decal
and begin to eat away at the adhesive on the back of the decals
its best to spray on the first coat thin and dry and walk away and let it harden
think of the first coat of clear as a protection layer to keep the thicker and wetter
top layers from eating into the decals back adhesive

Question: How do i install my new decals
clean clean and clean the surface first
wipe it down scrub it down used rubbing alcohol or what we use paint thinner or some fast drying spray brake cleaners will work good to
you are trying to remove anything and everything on the surface first grease wax oil silicone wd40 even brand new plastic
has a thin layer of silicone on it from the factory molds to keep it from sticking, spray on tire shine all this leave
behind a film that can only be removed with paint thinner or something very strong, the surface of whatever you
are about to put your decals on should look dull and hashy no shine left then you are sure the decals will stick,
dust is another bad no no and a rough surface is not good on off road plastics take a razor and scrap the deep scratches down smooth first

Question: how do i install large decals like the hood decal
if you decals come on a dull clear plastic film DO NOT TRY TO APPLY WET.
if your decals come on a paper masking tape type of film then you can follow the directions below.
clean surface as above then spray surface and decal with windex
the windex keeps the decal from sticking immediately and gives you time to slide it around and postion it before it starts to stick
the windex will evaporate in a short time a hair dryer or heat gun will speed this up
use a squeegie to push any air bubble to the sides before windex dries
air bubbles left behind can be popped with a needle

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